Give me 30 days to totally transform your relationship with food
(without actually talking about food)
Here's exactly what you can expect over the next 30 days:
• Find out true triggers of emotional+binge eating (i'm sure you can guess by now that they have nothing to do with food!
• Figure out WHY you're overeating so you can solve the problem, not the symptom.
• Experience the first big shifts in your life-perspective(these glasses are rosier!)
 • Become your own #1 cheerleader so you can inspire yourself instead of falling into vicious mindset cycles.
• Take your power back from the bathroom mirror.
•Revitalize your relationship with YOU.
• Learn how to stop the "fat talk" in you head once and for all.
• Get my best tips on how to tune out the mean voice in your head (hint: it's not you who's talking).
Reframe your mindset for a holistic health approach taking care of yourself-- mind, body, and soul.
• Create a "coping list" or emergency plan for when you find yourself in situations that make you feel powerless.
• Find out how your definition of "normal" is holding you back (I call it the 'N'-word).
• Face social events with confidence instead of anxiety -- even start meeting new people and creating new relationships!
• Design your perfect future and get an action plan for making it happen.
• Implement easy new daily habits and simple routines to take you even higher (life can always get better and better!).
• Make peace with your reflection once and for all.

It’s possible to never buy another diet program ever again yet feel the best you’ve felt in your entire life.
Enroll in the program once and get lifetime access to all 30-days worth of materials.  

(No annual subscription. A one-time payment and you get to take the program at your own pace). 

The investment for this 30-day program is $147.

Ready to enroll? You’ll receive a welcome email from me as soon as your purchase is complete, with all the information you need to join the Win The Diet War Facebook community, as well as your personalized link so you can access the private members’ area.