Is holiday weight gain a problem for you?
Studies show that if you gain weight over the holidays, you tend not to lose it in January. Every year means more weight and more heartbreak.

It’s time to break the cycle!!
I know how challenging the holidays can be when you’re worried about food or feeling self-conscious about your weight.

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I developed an exact plan to make this year different. In this blueprint, I give you SEVEN STRATEGIES to break the holiday weight-gain cycle and start 2017 off right!
I help you stay on track by giving you simple strategies to conquer holiday eating.

 You’ll discover how to:

♦ Avoid the diet trap
♦ Deal with your relatives
♦ Get new ways to avoid stress
♦ Gain mind control to lose weight
♦ Nourish your body and your mind
♦ Use the new food-mood connection

♦ And more!

Here's what experts say about my approach:
Jonathan Bailor
CEO & New York Times bestselling author of The Calorie Myth

"Dr. Nina breaks from the traditional views about weight loss and dieting. She provides workable, actionable solutions to help people lose weight without dieting. She has a unique perspective that actually works. If you're ready to stop using willpower to lose weight, if you are ready to feel better about yourself, Dr. Nina can help!"
Samantha Skelly
CEO & Founder, Hungry For Happiness
“Dr. Nina is nothing short of amazing when it comes to helping women who struggle with the diet/binge vicious paradigm. She has indirectly and directly mentored me and her heartfelt wisdom is refreshing and life altering. She pours her soul into this work, which is contributing to this 'anti-diet' movement we are moving towards. Nina is creating ripples of love and support to women around the world and I am so pleased I am one of them.”
Brian Cuban
Best Selling Author, Shattered Image
"Dr. Nina brings a fresh and unique approach to weight problems and body image issues. A pioneer in the field of eating psychology, her work is transformative. She effectively helps people create a healthier, happier relationship to food and themselves."
Dr. Aleta Edwards
Psychologist and Author of Fear of the Abyss: Healing the Wounds of Shame and Perfection
“As a psychologist of over 20 years with a strong emphasis on underlying issues, I am extremely impressed with Dr. Nina's work, so badly needed, and with her character. A chance to work with her, either in a program or individually, is a wonderful opportunity for anyone!”
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About Me:

I’m a psychoanalyst, author, speaker, and recognized expert in the psychology of eating. I struggled with disordered eating myself, so I know what if feels like, and I know that total transformation is possible. My work has been featured in the Los Angeles Time, Real Simple, Prevention, and more, and I recently wrote a book on eating disorders. I bring clinical expertise, as well as personal experience, to my online programs.
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