Give me 30 DAYS to totally transform your relationship with food!

Maybe you wake up each morning thinking, “I’m going to be good today.” You promise yourself you’re not going to have a single carb or a bite of sugar.

The next thing you know, you fall off the diet wagon and feel really guilty. Until you try again:  Weight Watchers, Paleo, South Beach, Mediterranean, low carb, high carb, liquid diets, or maybe even the cookie diet.  And the cycle continues.


A lifetime of dieting ends now.

In 30 days you’ll..

  • Feel confident and happy when you’re out having dinner with friends, instead of worrying that they’re watching your every bite

  • Stop thinking about food every minute and feeling guilty whenever you have a carb 

  •  Look in the mirror without hating your thighs and wishing you had a different body

In 30 days I can help you to achieve all of that because I’ve cracked the code to emotional eating. 

“Dr. Nina breaks from the traditional views about weight loss and dieting. She provides workable, actionable solutions to help people lose weight without dieting. Dr. Nina can help!” Joanathan Bailor

CEO, SaneSolution and NY Times best-selling author of "The Calorie Myth"

Dr. Nina Has Been Featured In
“I was at a restaurant today with some friends and realized that the bread in the bread basket was nearly gone and it never even crossed my mind to eat any. I’m seriously a free woman. I am allowing myself to eat whatever I want… and starting to not want or need it. I am being so kind to myself and my confidence through the roof. I felt so powerful. Dr. Nina’s 30-day program… is working to free me!” Erin O.

Kick The Diet Habit member

“I finished Dr. Nina’s 30-day Kick the Diet Habit program right before Christmas. I’ve resolved to never go on another diet and put her modules into action. I’ve spent the last 2 months doing things I’ve never done before . I am working hard on rewiring my brain. I feel lighter. I feel renewed. Thank you, Dr. Nina!” Jenny S.

Kick The Diet Habit member

Kick the Diet Habit is a 30-day program for everyone who wants to lose weight and gain health, all without ever having to worry about dieting.


Sign up for Kick the Diet Habit and get:

30 daily videos on your membership site.
Specific activities for you to implement right away.
Access to an exclusive secret Facebook group just for my subscribers,
where you can inspire, motivate, and share with each other.
Lifetime access to the Kick the Diet Habit program


This program is right for you if:


  • You can’t remember the last time you weren’t on a diet. You feel like you’ve tried everything, but you’re still struggling to lose those excess pounds and have basically given up hope.
  • You’re fed up with putting your life on hold until ‘someday when…’ Life’s too short and you’re done making excuses.
  • You’re ready to consider that there is more to weight loss and happiness than deprivation, starvation, and simple healthy eating. (And you’re willing to stop counting calories!)
  • You realize that you have comforts and habits that are keeping you stuck in a rut
  • You’re excited to have me in your corner and work with me in a way that supports, empowers, and encourages you to establish your own path toward freedom.

It’s possible to never buy another diet program ever again yet feel the best you’ve felt in your entire life.

Enroll in the program once and get lifetime access to the program.  

(No annual subscription. A one-time payment and you get to take the program at your own pace). 

The investment to Kick The Diet Habit is $147.

Ready to enroll? You’ll receive a welcome email from me as soon as your purchase is complete, with all the information you need to join the Win The Diet War Facebook community, as well as your personalized link so you can access the private members’ area.

“Before Dr. Nina came along I was beginning to think I was a hopeless case of lazy lack of willpower, and possibly even powerless to food. Now I realize that I’m giving all the “power” to food subconsciously to avoid the feelings that come along with procrastination due to unrealistic expectations and self-degradation.” Michelle W.

Kick The Diet Habit member

“Dr. Nina has truly helped me, and I am so grateful to her for her true authenticity and heart. She is a true expert in her field. She has been dealing with private clients for so long that she pretty much has every angle of this whole thing covered very well. She wanted to move into helping more people, so she created a 30 day program which is amazing, I love her program.” JoAnne Y.

Kick The Diet Habit member

Module 1 

  • Find out the true triggers of out-of-control eating (hint:   have nothing to do with food)!
  • Get the Food-Mood Formula that will change everything
  • Experience the first big shifts in your life-perspective

Module 2 

  • Become your own number one cheerleader so you can inspire yourself instead of fall into vicious mindset cycles.
  • Take your power back from the bathroom mirror.
  • Revitalize your relationship with YOU.

Module 3 

  • Learn how to stop the “fat talk” in your head once and for all
  • Get my best tips on how to tune out the mean voice in your head (hint: it’s not you who’s talking).
  • Re-frame your mindset for a holistic health approach taking care of yourself – mind, body, and soul.

Module 4 

  • Create a “coping list” or emergency plan for when you find yourself in situations that make you feel powerless.
  • Find out how your definition of “normal” is holding you back (I call it the ‘N’ – word).
  • Face social events with confidence instead of anxiety – even start meeting new people and creating new relationships!

Module 5 

  • Design your perfect future and get an action plan for making it happen.
  • Implement easy new daily habits and simple routines to take you even higher (life can always get better and better)!
  • Make peace with your reflection one and for all.

In addition to helping patients who crave a healthier, happier relationship with food and themselves, I write an award-winning blog, Make Peace With Food, host a popular podcast, Win the Diet War with Dr. Nina, and produce a video series, The Dr. Nina Show.

Though I now have a love-love relationship with food (instead of a love-hate one), I’ve got my own painful memories of the anxiety, desperation, and hopelessness you might well be feeling right now. After spending years dieting and in a constant cycle of deprivation and binging, I finally started attending therapy. I was really open with my therapist about every aspect of my life everything except what was going on with food. A few months in, as I began to acknowledge the feelings that I’d been pushing aside, I experienced a complete revelation.

My preoccupation with food and eating had absolutely nothing to do with food or eating. It never does (not for you, either)!

By addressing the true cause of my disordered eating, I was rapidly let go of the constant anxiety I felt about food. I can’t overstate how amazing this feels to be totally confident in my own skin, find true pleasure in every meal, and be 100% liberated from dieting, counting calories, or doing a complete cost-benefit analysis of every bite I eat.

The best part is that the same strategies that set me free from my diet obsession (while giving me what I truly wanted all along happiness) work for all women. In my work as psychoanalyst, I see my clients experience the same revelations every single day.

“I love your videos, Dr. Nina. I’ve lost 76 pounds!” Jana O.

Kick The Diet Habit member

“Never have I seen so many outstanding dieting/self-esteem videos from one person. I am extremely impressed and I’ve views lots of them. Thanks again!” Debra Seiling

Christian Overeaters Past & Present

Is This The Day You Kick The Diet Habit?

When you complete all 30 days of Kick the Diet Habit you’ll be able to…

  • Spot and predict circumstances and situations that make you want to turn to food.
  • Spend less time counting calories, fat grams, and carbs and more time living the life you love.
  • Feel completely different about your body and appreciate it in a whole new way (it includes a lot more joy)!
  • Let go of the idea that you are addicted to food as well as shedding other beliefs that no longer serve you.
  • Settle onto a path toward losing weight knows that, this time, you have all the tools you need to make sure it stays off.
“Dr. Nina you’ve made such a difference in my life! Thank you for being you!” Yolanda Q.

Kick The Diet Habit member

“I am working through Dr. Nina’s program and finding the old me who used to dream is starting to emerge again. Dr. Nina, I am so very grateful for your program and to be a part of a community of like-minded souls!” Mary D.

Kick The Diet Habit member

Here’s what current Kick The Diet Habit members are saying:

“My life was crazy and things were out of control. I didn’t have a good way to cope with problems, so I overate, and overate, and overate. I blamed myself for every binging episodes. When I stumbled upon Nina’s blog, it immediately resonated with me. I knew that deeper down, I wasn’t struggling with ice cream or brownies. I was struggling with myself. Dr. Nina’s message has helped me uncover the truth not only about my eating struggles but also about my personal struggles. I understand myself more than ever, and I am empowered to take control of my life, my body, and my eating. If you are considering buying her program– DO IT. You won’t regret it.” Anne-Katherine T.

Kick The Diet Habit member

“I had been looking for a program like this for a long time. This program was perfect because it was affordable and I could do it at my own pace. You don’t have any pressure if you miss a day or some days I would do three modules. It’s private, it’s affordable…and MOST importantly, it…in combination with actually DOING the work…WORKS. This program teaches you a new way to view yourself. Almost like a paradigm shift happens. It seems too easy and to elementary at first because some of the ideas are concepts you THINK you already know…and then one AHA moment after another you will realize…HOLY HECK THIS IS WORKING. I’m reaching goals I’ve put off for decades. I look better than EVER somehow and I’m eating WHATEVER I want every day. It’s INSANE. I’m excited to have found Dr. Nina and her program.” Erin G.

Kick The Diet Habit member

“I can’t stop saying this. I freakin’ love you Dr. Nina Savelle-Rocklin. I am doing so well. I’m literally eating ANYTHING I want and I’m not getting huge. I don’t CARE about food anymore. DO YOU HAVE ANY IDEA how fulfilling that is for me?! YOU HAVE NO IDEA. I’m SO happy.  I LOVE YOU TO THE MOON and BACK. If you haven’t done her program yet and you’re suffering… get the program. Really is there any price you wouldn’t pay for liberation from this? I wasn’t sure it was working at first it just seemed WAY too easy of a way out… but Dr. Nina’s  way… IT WORKED for me!” Connie L.

Kick The Diet Habit member

“Thank you for freeing me from 40 years of dieting and living on low-fat foods and sugar-free this and that. We are in Paris and enjoying some very tasty French food, with no inner critic bullying me. Here’s to freedom and living life to the max!” Debbie A.

Kick The Diet Habit member

“Thank you, thank you! Since starting your plan I have lost 9 pounds. I feel mega positive I can do this. I really can thank you, Nina Savelle-Rocklin” Nikki E.

Kick The Diet Habit member

Here’s what the Experts are saying:

“Dr. Nina breaks from the traditional views about weight loss and dieting. She provides workable, actionable solutions to help people lose weight without dieting. Dr. Nina can help!” Joanathan Bailor

CEO, SaneSolution and NY Times best-selling author of "The Calorie Myth"

“Dr. Nina is nothing short of amazing when it comes to helping women who struggle with the diet/binge vicious paradigm. Nina is creating ripples of love and support to women around the world!” Samantha Skelley

CEO & Founder, Hungry For Happiness

“I’m extremely impressed with Dr. Nina’s work, so badly needed, and with her character. Any chance to work with her, either in a program or individually, is a wonderful opportunity for anyone!” Dr. Aleta Edwards

Psychologist and author, "Fear of the Abyss: Healing the wounds of shame and perfectionism"

“Dr. Nina is one of the very few experts who gives practical and insightful advice on health and wellness. Dr. Nina is an expert at exploring “why” we behave the way we do.” Kajay Williams

Founder, PersonalDevelopmentCafe.com

“Dr. Nina brings a fresh and unique perspective to weight problems and body image issues. A pioneer in the field of eating psychology, her work is transformative. She effectively helps people create a healthier, happier relationship to food and to themselves.” Brian Cuban

Best-selling author, "Shattered Image"

Frequently Asked Questions

Seriously – Does Kick the Diet Habit really work?

I you’re currently listening to an internal monologue that’s looping over and over and sounding a little like this: “Will it work? Is it the right program for me? What if I fail? How is this really different from everything else I’ve tried? How the heck can I lose weight without counting calories”? it’s time for a time out.

I can’t categorically promise that this program will work for you that I can transform your life in 30 days – only you have control over that. What I can promise is what I teach in this program has helped hundreds of other people, and what they all had in common is they committed fully, showed up authentically, and examined their lives honestly. I know you can do that too!

Is this course for people of all ages?
Absolutely! I work with people of all ages in my private practice and host a Facebook community of people ranging from 20 – something to 60 – something. There is no age limit here; the only limits are the ones you put in place yourself.
Can men join too?
Absolutely! While the majority of my patients are women, my work is for anyone who is struggling to make peace with themselves and their relationship with food.
Do I have to participate in the Facebook group?
Not if you don’t want to, but know that the group is a supportive, judgement-free space filled with people who are on the same journey and facing similar challenges to your own. Sharing in a group might you feel a little vulnerable at first, but by voicing your feelings and following yourself to be heard you’ll get used to expressing how you feel in a safe environment and make wonderful connections and even friendships with like-hearted people all over the world.
Is the Facebook group really private?
Yes it us, and that means that nobody knows about the group unless they subscribe. Nobody can find it on a search and it is completely confidential. When you post in the group, none of your other Facebook friends will be able to see what you’ve posted. The only people who will see your posts are you the other members of my community.
I’m just not sure I’m ready to make the investment.
I totally get that investing in yourself can feel challenging and frivolous even, especially if you’re always putting others’ needs ahead of your own. But here’s the thing. This program has the potential to change your perspective forever – just think of all the time you’ve spent struggling on your own that you’ll never get back again. If you knew you finally get your relationship with food under control and finally reach and stay at your happy weight –all for less than the price of a latte a day – wouldn’t that feel like a complete steal?
I’d love to gift this course to someone – can it be done?
Absolutely! I want to get this course into the hands of as many people as possible and it’s a great idea to gift the program to a friend or family member and work through it together. Just email me and we’ll work it out.
I really want to offer this course as a bonus for my clients – could we work something out?
Sure! I love collaborating with others who are all about empowering their communities to be the best versions of themselves. Email Me and we’ll work out all the details and get you set up with the licenses that you need.
I’m enrolled! What happens next?
As soon as you’re enrolled you’ll receive a welcome email from me explaining all the next steps. While you’re waiting for the course to start, head on over to Facebook and introduce yourself to the secret online community. Purchase a beautiful new journal to record your thoughts throughout the journey, and make sure you plan out time in your schedule and space in your life to watch the videos and do the work.

Still Have Questions?

It really matters to me that you feel you’re making a great investment so I want to make sure you have all the information you need to say yes to this program, and yes to yourself. You can contact me here and I’ll get back to you within 24hours of it arriving in my inbox.

It’s possible to never buy another diet program ever again yet feel the best you’ve felt in your entire life.

Enroll in the program once and get lifetime access to all 30-days worth of materials.  

(No annual subscription. A one-time payment and you get to take the program at your own pace). 

The investment for this 30-day program is $147.

Ready to enroll? You’ll receive a welcome email from me as soon as your purchase is complete, with all the information you need to join the Win The Diet War Facebook community, as well as your personalized link so you can access the private members’ area.

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