Want To Lose Weight Without Dieting?
Check out the 7 Keys To Break Free From Binge Eating. I created this mini-program specifically for women (and men) who want freedom from food obsession and cravings, but are not ready to take my full 30-day program.  Here's more info... 

from Binge Eating. 

“I’m so sick of dieting and I want to lose weight for good. Not only that, I want to stop obsessing about calories every minute of the day.  Please help me turn off the noise!!"

"I know that my food issues have to do with other things, but I don’t know what to DO about it. I would give anything to have specific guidelines and strategies to help me.”

Can you relate?

If you're reading this, you’ve probably been on lots of diets. Maybe you can’t remember a time when you weren’t dieting.

You are not alone. According to Marketdata, at any given time over 108 million people in the United States are on a diet. A 2012 Huffington Post study in Britain revealed that the average woman in the United Kingdom has tried 61 diets before the age of 45.

People spend billions on diet and weight loss products and services, yet obesity rates have risen dramatically in the past decade. 

Diets ultimately fail because they are about deprivation, and the anticipation of deprivation only makes you want something more.
If you're telling yourself you’re going to be “good” and not eat pizza, bread, ice cream or chips until you’ve lost weight, then you’ve got food on the brain all day.

That puts the focus on "what" you’re eating, instead of what’s eating “at” you. 

Lots of people know there’s definitely more to weight loss than willpower, but they don’t know what else to do.

That’s why I created…

The 7 Keys To BREAK FREE
from Binge Eating
This mini-program is designed specifically to help you discover and change what’s eating “at” you instead of focusing on what you’re eating.

I will show you exactly how to:
How To Stop Feeling Hungry
How To Silence Your Inner Critic
How To Soothe Yourself Without Food
How To Say No To People
How To Get Over A Mistake
How to Deal with Disappointment
How To Change Negative Thinking
Plus you’ll get access to me on a daily basis in my secret online Facebook community.

This 34 page mini-course offers action plans, so you'll have something to ACTUALLY DO (not just think about).  Action is the key to change and I'll help you do exactly that!
What are you waiting for?
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"I've been there myself.  I know what it's like to wake up vowing to be "good" and go to sleep counting calories and feeling miserable. 
I suffered for years until I totally transformed my relationship to food, without dieting or even talking about food (yes, really!!).

I've helped thousands of people all over the world make peace with food.  Now I can help you, too!
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