This insightful book is well written and free of the tedious jargon that plagues many books about psychoanalysis. Writing from the perspective of an active practitioner, the author advances a standard of excellence on many plains: 1) an in-depth description and clarification about current relational psychoanalysis approaches in contrast to earlier theories; 2) a thorough body of research that evidences the potential effectiveness of psychoanalysis as a viable treatment for eating disorders; and 3) the astute application of clinical experience enlivened by poignant and relevant case examples to support her conclusions. While outstanding and full of merit, these elements are not what distinguishes this book as a stand out in current literature. It is the addition of an introspective fourth dimension where Dr. Nina generously shares her own analytical and emotional responses to patient interactions. This approach humanizes the book and offers valuable insights that inform the patient-analyst dynamic in a way that elucidates the benefits of counter-transference and authenticity for the ultimate success of therapy.


01  An exemplary book by a thought and practice pioneer in this field
Andrea Kobliner |  Amazon Verified Purchaser 

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