The internal dynamics of an eating disorder make it challenging for friends and families to fully appreciate. Support systems are kept at bay and will often walk on eggshells in order to do the “right thing,” in spite of not knowing what that “right thing,” might be. Nina Savelle-Rocklin’s book is a welcome portal into the hearts and minds of those in the clutches of an eating disorder — it is particularly effective because of the first person narratives as well as Rocklin’s very clear and compelling “storytelling” in a voice that doesn’t pander but still manages to simplify the complex. If you are close to someone whose eating disorder has taken over — or if you are working through your own challenges in relation to food and body image — this is an insightful work of great empathy written by a professional with extensive experience. Savelle-Rocklin tackles the topic from a number of angles – many of which are seldom addressed in less nuanced works on the subject.


01    Shines an important light on a very internal struggle
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