Dr. Rocklin redefines eating disorders bringing them into a new dimension, a world of communication, psychodynamics and defense mechanisms. This is a book that is clearly written as it offers invaluable practical guidance as well as meticulous analysis of the psychopathology of eating disorders including those with multiple comorbidities. There are a plethora of books written on eating disorders but rarely do we see hands on experience a vivid description of actual conversation in sessions. It is timely book immensely informative very user-friend highly recommend both for the mental health professional as well as the general sector of the population.

Joan Jutta Lachkar. is a licensed Marriage and Family therapist in private practice in Sherman Oaks, California, an affiliate member for the New Center for Psychoanalysis and author of numerous articles and books on marital therapy.

01    To Eat or Not to Eat is Not the Question!
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